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Your Journey at Hawk & Rose has 3 core values that you experience each time you come in for a session…

1. Relationship – Our goal is to truly see and hear you. We value heart-felt, authentic conversations that support the soul. First time patient sessions are 90-minutes, with plenty of time for our one-one-one intake. This is time for you to share some of your medical history as well as life stories that are influencing your desire for healing and support

 2. Attention (Big Picture + All the Details)Reading your elemental energy profile through traditional techniques like pulse diagnosis, we create a picture + plan for your wellness journey. In healing, we pay close attention to symptoms and goals, while also maintaining our capacity to be open to the outcome.

3. Transformation – Healing requires of us, a transformation. Acupuncture or other non-needle modalities such as fire cupping, moxa, gua sha, shiatsu massage, hands-on energy work, tuning forks and herbal therapies guide and transform your body, mind and spirit to heal itself. 

where we get to know each other
while sharing some tea time…

New Patient Clinical Acupuncture

Clinical Acupuncture *New Patient Special*

Includes your first 90-minute session plus two follow-up sessions of 60 minutes. One wonderful way to establish as a patient, get to know your practitioner and what a few sessions can do for your body and mind!

(May substitute Non-Needle Healing Session if desired.)

210 minutes/ $349 (save $40)

Clinical Acupuncture – New Patient

Your first session includes pulse, tongue, energy meridian, and abdominal diagnosis, full treatment and a treatment plan.

Required to establish as a patient and schedule other types of sessions. May substitute Non-Needle Healing session if desired.

90 minutes/ $150

Established Patient Acupuncture & Holistic Wellness Services

Clinical Acupuncture – Follow-up session

All Clinical Acupuncture sessions may include non-needle modalities such as cupping, moxa, gua sha, shiatsu massage, energy work, tuning forks, and infrared heat therapy. 

60 min/ $120

Focused 30 min/ $60

The Rose Luxe Treatment – Acupuncture + Massage

A therapeutic + luxurious healing session that includes 60 minutes of acupuncture and/or other non-needle healing modalities followed by 30 minutes of shiatsu massage to integrate the energy work more fully into the physical body.

90 min/ $150

Non-Needle Healing Session

For those seeking deep healing and energy balancing without the use of acupuncture needles. Modalities and techniques may include one or more of the following: fire cupping, moxibustion, shiatsu/acupressure, Reiki/Sekhem Energy Healing, Shonishin Japanese tools, tuning forks (coming in mid-November), microstim, herbs, diet and detox support.

60 min/ $120

Soul Care Healing Session (Trauma Informed)

All healing begins with the soul. Receive Shamanic Healing for the deeper, energetic imprints, programming and previous trauma stored in the body and heart. Intuitive journey work, cord cuttings, ancestral healing, soul retrieval, soul readings, extraction and clearing, and medical intuitive work. 

60 min/ $150

Shiatsu Massage with Hot Stones

Shiatsu massage is an Eastern-Style acupressure focused massage, therapeutic for a variety conditions. Hot Stones are a way to bring heat deep in the body and release toxins and tensions that are not serving you. Aromatherapy included. Fire Cupping optional!

75 min/ $150

Pediatric Healing Sessions

Holistic wellness for kids of all ages. From 6 weeks old until age 14, I support the littles, tweens and teens with their health – body, mind and spirit. Afraid of needles? No problem, I use other modalities including Tuning Forks and Shonishin, a Japanese non-needle acupuncture just for kids (and adults too).

First session (with parent or caretaker only) 60 minutes + a follow up session with the child 30 minutes

90 min / $150

Follow-up sessions: 30 min / $60

*New Patient Special*

First Session(s) (90 min) + 3 follow-up sessions (30 min each)

$297 (save $33)

Soul Alchemy 1:1 Mentorship Program

6- month Healing & Mentorship Program for womxn called to the deeper work! 

What’s included?

12 Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Sessions

4 Soul Work Mentorship Sessions

4 Soul Care Healing Sessions

+Additional Handouts and audio recordings

+Recommended reading and At-home practices

For more information, please schedule a 30-minute in-person or phone FREE CONSULTATION!