Soul of the Feminine Retreat

Soul of the Feminine

Women’s Transformational Retreat

Summer 2022 – Date & Location TBD

A 2-day retreat for passionate, empathic & spiritual women in

Soulful ~ Erotic Embodiment

With Kundalini Dance, Feminine Archetype Blueprints, & Re-wilding Practices

This retreat is a portal for you courageous womxn out there who are:

  • On a path of healing, self-discovery and reclaiming of your personal, erotic, & spiritual power to be in alignment with your soul’s purpose and in a way that is in sacred service to the world.
  • 100% ready to address stagnation and imbalance in your sacral chakra and excited to do some womb clearing + heart mending, so that you can move forward in your relationships, work, physical or emotional wellbeing, creative life and/or wealth + finances.
  • Ready for an embodied + experiential path to feeling and deeply knowing your body as temple and your relationship with your sexuality as holy.
  • Interested in mystical + practical ways in which to heal your past + create your future from your Sourced & Soulful Self.
  • Longing for sisterhood and co-creating a ritual space together.

This retreat is an inclusive environment and is anchored in an earth-honoring, anti-racist, decolonizing, LGBTQI friendly, class aware and non-dogmatic approach.*

What to Expect

What in your life is needing deep healing right now? How are you using your creative life force energy and what are you feeding? Are body, mind and spirit all in coherence?

In this loving + ritual space, you will have the opportunity to deep dive into these questions, clear blocks in your energy & activate what you need most at this time to take your life to the next level.

Learn the art of transformational healing through the fusion of working with your kundalini energy + chakras, your soma (felt sense), psyche + intuitive prowess, ritual + tantric-shamanic practices.

On Day 2, we welcome archetype work into our space with the Innocent Maiden and the Sacred Slut.

We have the opportunity to look at how these two love forces are working or not working in our lives, exploring how their light and shadow aspects are showing up, and take the first steps into deeper relationship with these integral aspects of ourSelves. Combining embodiment, ritual and psychology, we work at a quantum & DNA level depth that affects lasting change.

You will be supported to release shame, guilt, fear, resentment, and armoring that keeps your energy suppressed or expressed in it’s shadow. 

This retreat is for you if you are a woman or identify as a woman + are ready to tap into your creative life force energy, ecstatically cleanse your womb space + sacral chakra, reclaim your innocent, trusting heart and are ready to begin embodying your…

Inner CreatrixA soulfully + sensually embodied, womb-centered, “give no f*cks” confident, erotically activated, oracular woman who is Divinely Sourced and deeply committed to being the artist of her life and a sacred activist in the world.

The Goddess is inviting YOU. You who are desiring to awaken (remember) her feminine power – Shakti – the Living Goddess within.

This is playful work. It’s also deep. It’s avant guard and sometimes asks you to be with your discomfort and to really look where you have not dared to look before.

It takes courage to say yes! It is a calling – what does your heart say? What is your body telling you? Are you ready for the real? Are you ready to say “pass” on the comfortable, the convenient, the people pleasing?

Retreat Curriculum

Day 1:
Intro to Erotic Embodiment & Tantric-Shamanic Healing Practices, Sharing Circle + Council, Kundalini Dance Practice, Earth Walking
  • De-mystifying Inner Alchemy, Eros, & the Feminine Rising cultural shift
  • Why + how your sexuality effects all other areas of your life and what you can do to upgrade your relationship with Eros
  • Council + Sharing circle
  • Learn breathwork, qigong practices, visualization, cleansing and purification techniques and how to move deeply held stagnation out of the body safely and efficiently
  • Learn the art of ritual for self-healing + putting it all together with Kundalini Dance
  • Tapping into Earth Magic with a soulful-nature rewilding experience
Day 2:
Zoning in on the “Virgin-Whore Split” with Sacred Feminine Archetype Blueprints, Practice, & Initiation with the Innocent Maiden + Sacred Slut
  • Explore your inner feminine archetype landscape + how it might be affecting your ability to magnetize what you desire
  • Deep dive with the Innocent Maiden & the Sacred Slut within you to uplift her gifts and shapeshift her shadows
  • Council + Sharing circle
  • Embodiment alchemy + kundalini dance practice and small group break out initiation sessions
  • Tapping into Earth Magic with a soulful-nature rewilding experience

What is Kundalini Dance?

Kundalini dance is fusion of ecstatic dance, conscious movement, qigong and tantric energy body activation, breathwork, & chakra healing in a ritual and community-centric container.

Retreat Venue

(Confirmation of retreat venue coming soon)

Eden Studio is located in Whatcom county, about 15 minute drive from downtown Bellingham. Situated on a 5 acre homestead with an active community, our time will be spent in the dance & yoga temple space as well as out on the land.

The land is beautiful, with gardens, trees, and grassland. Views of Mt. Baker and the mountains on clear days creates the perfect place for connecting and deepening in with each other and the sacred land.

If you would like to camp, spots are available as well as use of a bathroom and full kitchen. Please inquire via email to reserve your spot and more details about rates, timing and facilities at

There are superb Air BnB’s in the area as well! We recommend booking as soon as possible as the summer’s in the PNW are bumping with vacationers!


Tea, sparkling water and snacks will be provided. We will have a 1 hour lunch break on both days, so please bring your lunch (can use kitchen to heat up meals)! The Rome store is also down the road with lovely lunch options!

street road near green and yellow trees

Retreat Rates

Early Bird by April 30th: $555

Regular: $650

Join with a friend anytime: $555 Each

Eros & Empowerment

I believe true healthcare must include the whole spectrum from sexuality to spirituality and that our passion, desire and erotic lives are an intrinsic part of our wellbeing. The material and practices in this retreat are an introduction to working with your energy body in an embodied way with transformational tools and practices that empower your confidence to heal your body, heart and soul.

When you begin to peel back the layers and dive deeper into your material -old stories, blocks, limiting beliefs, coping patterns, and even energies you’ve picked up on the journey that are not yours- & when you do this PLUS call home essential parts of your energy (power + mature inner resources), you are building your integrated WHOLE SOUL SELF. This is a harmonious sense of strength (masculine) + softness (feminine) that is your birth right and your natural state of being. This is what allows you to align with a life that is in resonance with your spirit.

Engaging with freedom & connection is essential. When we unplug from the cultural programming – enacting Sovereignty – we cannot be “controlled, contained, owned, claimed or tamed”. When we inhabit the energetic blueprint of sovereignty, we are connected to our soul’s wisdom, our instinct and the freedom to create our lives how we choose. You will be invited to release shame and “armoring” that inhibits your love nature so that you anchor into more connection and meaningful relationships.

We are activating an Ancient Alchemical Energy Practice in the context of a contemporary healing temple. Knowing how to circulate your sexual/creative life force energy is a tool that will bring to the surface what needs to be healed, called home, or let go of. It supports us to get to the subconscious layers and blocks that are the underlying programs running our lives.

Shakti is the intelligent creative life force that lives everywhere. It is also associated with Earth’s Soul & the Goddess, as well as the energy we cultivate within our wombs and bodies.

You will instantly recognize this sacred energy as you begin to embody the felt sense of moving energy and it will support you to lift your vibration, shapeshift limiting beliefs, ingrained personal + ancestral patterns and behaviors and aligns you with higher states of consciousness – love, ecstasy, joy, peace and flow.

Your Guide

Cadie Selah, LAc, MSOM, CEP

Healer, teacher, visionary, dreamer, soul guide, mystic-empath, highly sensitive woman (HSW), poet, artist, activist, dancer, world traveler, paddler, partner, aunty, sister, daughter, friend, earth ally 

I also wear the hats of a professional, healthcare provider and entrepreneur. Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine + Licensed acupuncturist & herbalist. Certified Shamanic Practitioner through Sundust Oracle Institute and Certified Kundalini Dance Facilitator through Tantric Rose Mystery School. International Retreat Leader. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. Founder & Steward of Creatrix Mystery School.

I am currently living into my dream life, semi-nomadic, based in the Ozark mountains of Missouri, while also spending time in my homeland of Florida. After nearly 15 years of living in the Pacific Northwest, I am now spending summers there deepening with the magic of the land and old friends, offering healing and being in ceremony. As an Earth Citizen, my travels and retreats take me to some of my favorite places on the planet – Mexico, Bali, Greece! I love paddle boarding & kayaking, writing, jewelry crafting, painting, and spending time with my family.

My mother, grandmother and great grandmother are/were dreamers and seers. I honor them today by teaching, healing and guiding others with my gifts.

xoxo Cadie

My Mission & Values

To be a leader in the rising feminine revolution on the planet that supports a culture of inclusion, our reconnection to the Earth + the inner Wild Nature, sustainable lifeways and to spread the message of honor and respect for all beings.

To make space for + elevate the roles of the priestess, healer, mystic, oracle, artist, dreamer, and visionary in our culture. 

To teach and guide rising women to reclaim their gifts, rewild their mind and body, make their life into art, have the impact they are capable of and be well compensated for their work.

To create an empowered and soul centric sisterhood of women who are deeply engaged on a path of and towards their life dream – to live a life of freedom + connection in alignment with their sacred purpose + service.

This space is an inclusive environment and is anchored in an earth-honoring, anti-racist, decolonizing, LGBTQI friendly, class aware and non-dogmatic approach.