The Erotic Soul: A Women’s Wellness Workshop Series

The Erotic Soul

A women’s wellness workshop series

For women of all ages interested in awakening sacred sexuality, rekindling libido, and learning ancient + cutting edge practices to support women’s health, fertility and hormone balance.

Facilitated by: Cadie Selah, LAc, MSOM

Location: Wellness Collective Studios, Springfield, MO or via ZOOM

In this program you will learn:

  • How to care for the womb, sexual, & reproductive organs with Chinese medicine, tantric breathwork, chakra and healing meditations, yoni crystals eggs & wands, and herbs.
  • Clear shame, guilt, pain, fear, anger, betrayal, grief, cords and outdated soul contracts that keep us from love, connection and a healthy libido!
  • Awaken Trust + Clear Survival Fear 
  • Practices to become safely embodied as a prerequisite to a healthy sexuality & libido
  • Clear imprints from the womb and sexual organs
  • Energetic Alignment of body, mind & spirit with Hara – Heart – Higher Self
  • Women’s Womb Health & Chinese Medicine: PMS, dysmenorrhea, PCOS, endometriosis, migraines, depression & anxiety, fertility, menopause, acne, hormone balance
  • Intro to ancient alchemical practices from the Kundalini Dance lineage
  • The science of ecstasy and how to move Shakti through your body
  • Ovarian breathwork and other meditations for balancing hormones
  • Activating the heart & womb connection
  • Plus the panacea of aphrodisiacs, heart-opening botanicals and herbal formulas to support your sensual and sexual self! 

The Taoists teach us that our sexual energy is directly related to our health, and this part of us is powerful life force energy that has an enormous impact on ALL the systems of body affecting our physical, emotional & spiritual wellbeing. 

Take the Full Program or join any workshop a la carté!

  • Three 3-hour Experiential Group Workshops
  • 1.5 hour Yoni Crystals YONI EGG & WAND mini workshop to learn about how they can support you with a chance to see, touch and purchase these healing stones!
  • 1.5 hour PLANT MEDICINE mini workshop + CACAO CEREMONY to learn how herbs can support whole body health and sexuality
  • 2 private energy/shamanic & ancestral SOUL CARE Healing Sessions
  • 1 day Women’s Summer Solstice River Float Trip including an Ancestral Healing Water Ceremony

This program is for women/womxn desiring to:

  • Reconnect with your sexual energy & libido
  • Claim their sexual energy as part of your healthcare paradigm
  • Deepen into self-care, self-awareness, and empowered healing for reproductive or women’s health issues
  • Move from talk-therapy towards somatic and energy based healing for old traumas connected to boundaries and/or sexuality
  • Renew and catalyze your creative and artistic gifts and endeavors
  • Prepare for a baby
  • Repair and/or deepen in intimacy with your lover/partner
  • Feel more ease and grace in the Transition of Menopause
  • Become the artist and creatrix of your dream life + life dream!


Workshop 1- Building the Foundation for the Erotic Soul

April 16th, 2022 // 2-5pm CST

In person or via zoom


  • Introduction to inner alchemy, kundalini, breathwork, energywork and dance for cultivating and healing the whole body, mind and spirit.
  • Focusing in on becoming safely embodied, a pre-requisite to relaxation and surrender, 2 foundational states for sexual arousal
  •  Addressing stored trauma in the body & learning the 3 keys to healing trauma safely 

MINI WORKSHOP: Yoni Egg & Wand Workshop

Saturday, April 30th, 2022 // 2-3:30pm CST

In person or via zoom

Time: 2pm-3:30pm

$15/per person or join with a friend for $10

  • What are yoni eggs and wands and why you want them!
  • Pop-up store to see, feel and purchase yoni crystals if you desire
  • Lecture on the history of yoni eggs and how to use them!

Workshop 2 – Women’s Health + Sacred Feminine Energy & Healing Practices

Saturday May 7, 2022 // 2-5pm CST

In person or via zoom

$111/per person

  • Bringing to light the importance and connection between hormonal balance, dis-ease, emotional & heart wellbeing AND energy practices to shift the body’s narrative!
  • Ovarian Breathing + Microcosmic Orbit
  • Yoni Egg Practice

MINI WORKSHOP: Plant Medicine + Aphrodisiacs & Cacao Ceremony

THURSDAY, May 26th, 2022  // 5:30-7pm

In person only

$25/person or join with a friend for $20

  • How to use plants to superpower your diet and life
  • How ALL plants are APHRODISIACS + specific herbs to rev libido!
  • Guidance in discovering which energy patterns you run and how to strengthen these systems with herbs and formulas
  • Cacao ceremony

Workshop 3 – Feminine Archetype Transmissions

Saturday, June 11th, 2022 // 2-5pm CST

In person or via zoom

$111/per person

  • Kundalini Dance & Inner Alchemy practice to open and align the chakras
  • Accessing the gifts + shadows of the Innocent Maiden, Sacred Slut, Wild Woman, Compassionate Mother, & Wise One/High Priestess 
  • Learning how to move these energies through your energy body for healing and resourcing!

Join a la cart or for the whole program!

Each 3 hour workshop is $111/per person (Wellness Collective Members receive 25% off!)

Mini workshops are $15-25/per person

Soul Care (Energy/Shamanic/Ancestral Healing) sessions are $150/60 minutes


Join the whole EROTIC  SOUL PROGRAM for $555 (savings of $118)

***And for those who join the program or do at least one of the workshops, you are invited to join the 

1 day Women’s Summer Solstice River Float Trip & Ancestral Healing Water Ceremony – down the Current River in southern Missouri!

On Saturday June 18th, 2022. ~All day event, more details to come in April! ((This event is not included in the program fee.))