Soul of the Feminine Foundations Program

In this circle, you will have a chance to learn…

  • How to work with your energy body and the unseen realms — the fundamentals of calling in sacred space, your inner guidance system, energy clearing and calling home your power.
  • How to transform patterns of shame, fear, anger, anxiety, depression, & low self-worth into vitality, creativity, and authenticity through somatics and embodiment practices. 
  • How to access the qualities and practices of the healer, warrior, visionary, and teacher within to activate your inner resources for mental balance, emotional attunement, and self-actualization!
  • How to tap into your power of self leadership — getting clear on how to feed what has heart and meaning for you and to shed the conditioned, colonized mind and body.
  • How to cultivate your own unique daily practice tool box – healing is a practice and transformation is a lifestyle!
  • How to come into right relationship with the creative life force and vitality contained within your sexual energy. Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing are connected to your sexuality and your capacity for pleasure. When aligned, you can activate a new level of magnetism and dynamism, capacity to let go of control, and be your present, wild, authentic self. 
  • How to develop your intuition by accessing your own visionary gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience/empathy, clairaudience, and clairgnosis.
  • How to work with archetypal resources that propel your inner journey, and the practices that will keep you tethered to your core.
  • How to get out of your own way and become a vessel for your life dream and soul mission to come through you and out into the world.

In Transformational Healing Circle, we are hooking into the energy and power that multiplies when we come together in a group container with similar intentions. And now more than ever, we need connection and relationships that support our soul.

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When you upgrade your relationship to yourself, then all of your external relationships follow suit. When you commit to doing your inner healing work and to transform at the deepest levels, AND when you carry with you particular transformational life skills, it makes you unf*ckwithable.

This means that your challenges and wounds become your greatest allies and the power and love you need to make real changes in your life are always with you.

We reach for things outside of ourselves to satisfy a thirst that is only satiated by soul and spirit level nourishment.

This satiation is achieved by a journey inward to your core, releasing those things that are not “you”, re-aligning your values with what is intuitively and instinctually true for you, and clarifying the life that is the most authentic and creative expression of your whole self.

Through radical self-care, intuitive development, energy body mastery, and resiliency through nature practice, we become fluent in the language of our soul.

This program is for you courageous womxn out there ready to do deep soul work,

transform your sensitivities into your superpowers,

awaken to your ecstatic embodiment,

shift into radical self-care + soulful leadership that ignites you to create the life of your dreams.

This Healing Circle might be right for you if you are…

  • Working on physical health issues or mental/emotional ones AND you want to engage in an empowered + transformational healthcare paradigm

  • Ready to let go of work or a job that holds no heart and meaning for you AND are ready to take action on your life mission

  • Feeling unsatisfied and unhappy in your relationships 

  • Seeking a path of inner work and spiritual growth that is also practical and earth-based

  • Seeking a new loving relationship with your body

  • Ready to be initiated into Higher Love and open your channel to your Divine connection
  • An empath or highly sensitive person (HSP)

  • An activist, an artist, or in service in some way

  • Easily emotional or overwhelmed, combined with a sense of numbness and disconnection from yourself?

  • Rattled by other people’s moods or energy fields

  • An established or aspiring yoga or fitness instructor, healer, coach, health practitioner, bodyworker, energy worker, or counselor?

  • Ready to further cultivate your intuition, visionary gifts, connection to source and higher guidance?

Do you wish you had…

  • More understanding and tools to clear and balance your energy body (for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing)?

  • The know-how + practices to heal your ancestral lines and address intergenerational trauma in your family?

  • Tools and resources in personal and spiritual growth and how it relates to social, cultural and environmental justice, healing, and activism? 

  • A healthcare paradigm that is soul-based and traverses spirituality, sexuality, and energy?

Program Details & Rates

September 2022 – March 2023

Seven Saturdays ~ 10am – 5pm CST

HYBRID PROGRAM: In-Person (Springfield, MO) + Online via zoom – join from anywhere

Deposit to secure your spot: $250

Early Bird – Paid in full by May 31st, 2022: $1,333

Regular Rate: $1,555

Payment Plans: 3 payments of $417 (after $250 deposit) or 7 payments of $215 (after $250 deposit)

& 2 work-trade assistant positions available – NOW FILLED. Please send an email to for other work-trade possibilities.

Program Curriculum


Anatomy of a Sacred + Sensual Life

  • Intention 
  • Making Soul-level Commitments
  • Storytelling & Cosmology
  • Daily Practice Foundations
  • Your Inner Guidance System

House of Wu + Intuitive Development

  • Invoking Sacred Space + Ritual
  • Practical Mysticism
  • The 5 Clairs + Opening your Channel
  • Working with Spirit
  • Meeting your guides and allies in the spirit world
  • Tarot & Symbol Science

3. ReWilding + Elemental Resiliency

  • Working with the 5 Elements
  • Animals of Power, Plant Spirit Allies
  • Ecosoul & Soulcraft
  • Bridging energy, intuition and Nature

4.Somatics, Embodiment, & Energy

  • Somatic self-healing
  • Becoming safely embodied
  • Calling your power home 
  • Body as Temple, Earth as Temple 
  • Training your Nervous System
  • The energy mindset
  • Your MythoPoetic Anatomy
  • hands on energy healing

5. Resourcing with Archetypes & Inner Parts Work

  • Reparenting for the wounded child
  • Warrior, healer, teacher, visionary
  • Working with archetypes of the Divine Feminine & Masculine
  • Intro to soul care + safely  healing trauma with 3 major Archetypes

6. Ancestral Connection + Healing

  • Welcoming in Ancestral Wellbeing
  • Working with your Bright & Well Ancestors 
  • Epigenetic Research
  • Social, Cultural & Environmental Justice 

7. Living an Orgasmic Life

  • Unearthing your Creatrix – creativity is the new currency
  • Feel good neurotransmitters & your sacred anatomy 
  • Kundalini dance & soulful-erotic embodiment
  • Sexual Self-Healing: yoni & womb clearing & healing

Cadie Selah, Lac, MSOM, Women’s Health Specialist

Meet your Guide

I am a Licensed Acupuncturist & Soul Guide and specialize in Women’s Holistic Health, Sacred Feminine Energy Practices, & Shamanic Healing. I offer 1:1 healing & mentorship sessions as well as lead workshops and retreats fusing Soul, Spirit, & Embodiment practices including ancestral healing, archetype resourcing, inner child and re-parenting work, intuitive development, connecting with spiritual guidance, self-awareness, becoming safely embodied, rewilding and nature communication for women on a transformational path of radiant health, orgasmic creativity, self-discovery and empowerment. My tools include practices from Qigong, Tao Tantric arts, Kundalini dance, Yoni & Womb wellness modalities, Somatics, Cross-cultural Shamanic practices and Soul Work.

As an empath and HSP, I have navigated the territory of trauma, attachment, social anxiety, as well as deep wounding in the realm of boundaries, relationship, intimacy and sexuality. Through my wounded healer journey, ancient medicine training, mentors and spiritual/soul practices and inner guidance, I was shown my gifts as healer and seer. Through this process I transformed from overwhelmed empath with a very dysregulated nervous system to a hollow bone priestess with deep cellular sensitivity. I have gathered many medicine ways and tools to support others on their journey of intuitive development, soul work, erotic intelligence and elemental resiliency. 

I live on land in the Ozarks with my loves – partner and kitty. When I’m not working I am enjoying dance, travel, paddling, rock climbing, stitching, and doing art.