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Welcome to Soul Alchemy!

Welcome to this journey of self-love, self-discovery, and co-creation of your one wild and precious life! This is a multi-dimensional, trauma-informed and multi-therapeutic portal and part of the global movement towards sustainable healthcare, empowered self-care and radical self-leadership. 

It is time to create a path to love and resiliency in a time of global earth changes.

Healing is a practice – it is a humbling and opening path and it supports you to re-infuse the definition of health and life with a dose of what it actually is at its root: Evolution. Healing is growth, flow and making the unconscious conscious. Making the invisible visible. Alchemizing lead into gold: Fear —->Love.

The path of healing through personal and spiritual growth is as much about you as it is about the rest of the Earth and Cosmos. Martin Prechtel, shaman and teacher says “self-discovery is good only if it helps you to feed the whole.” 

You are choosing to be part of a R-Evolution that is shapeshifting our orientation to what health and wellbeing are and how to get there. You’re saying F**k YES to being a part of the global and cross-cultural Rise of the Feminine and to being part of a Soul-care Healthcare Revolution! We are living in a time where the feminine is coming back into balance with the Masculine. And with this rising and rooting, there is an opportunity to call out, feel, and release the pain, fear, and trauma to heal the shadow, blockages, and low vibrational energies that keep us from our highest love, radiance, abundance, beauty, and living a life that has heart and meaning. A balancing and uniting of Masculine and Feminine.

Creatrix Mystery School emphasizes relationship to 

Self ~ Nature ~ Spirit 

as a key transmission of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine balancing. “Relationship is as important as the task.” When we have intimacy with ourselves, nature and spirit, all other relationships unfold from this – our relationships to our partner, children, family, friends, community, and world are built from this foundation.

Together we cover the “anatomy of the spirit” as Carolyn Myss puts it – accessing the subconscious patterns, trapped emotions, chakras, inner archetypes and all the practicals and mystical in between. 

It is my deepest hope this program offers you a path that is balanced, infused with the grace, softness, and ferocity of the Sacred Feminine, woven into union with the presence and clarity of the dynamic Sacred Masculine. Walking your soulful path with practical feet. 



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