programs 2023-2024

Soul of the Feminine Transformational Healing Circle

Next Circle: August 23- December 2, 2023


For women ready to heal body-mind-soul at the root,  grow your transformational skill set, connect with self, community, earth and spirit.

Tend to your intention for healing and personal spiritual growth in the realms of: health, right livelihood, pleasure, creativity, relationships, confidence, purpose, craft, and belonging  

A trauma-informed and holistic container where we co-create a ritual space for: 

—>Intuitive Prowess & Cross-Cultural Healing Practices

—>Relationships, Attachment & Erotic Intelligence

—>Rewilding & Earth Intimacy

—>Soulwork & Trauma Repair


Mondays: 6-8pm: August 21st (first class free and open), September 11, October 14th

Saturdays: 10am-5pm: August 26th (open to join), September 23, October 21, November 11, December 2

The first 2 classes are open to join and try the circle out and after that it will be a closed container.



  • Anatomy of a sacred + sensual life: foundational practices
  • House of Wu: intuitive development, dreamwork, spiritual connection, practical mysticism
  • ReWilding & working with the elements, plants, animals and eco-soul 
  • Relationship, Love & Sexuality : womb & yoni healing, finding secure, attachment, adulting
  • Somatics & Embodiment: becoming safely embodied, kundalini dance, intelligent trauma repair, working with boundaries
  • Ancestral Wellness: ways to connection, clearing trapped emotions, burdens
  • Psyche: Resourcing with archetypes & inner parts work

—>Practices include meditation, qigong, dance, somatic writing/oracular writing, soulcraft, shamanic journeying, embodied prayer

—>Ceremonies include guided journeys, womb healing ceremony and ancestral healing ceremony

Healing is the dance of power and love.  It is to learn where we have shut down or gone away from love and the practical steps to return to love. Likewise, in this container we are reclaiming lost, stolen or forgotten power so we can be and do what is calling to us.

We shall take notice of what is happening in the outer sphere – both globally and culturally and we shall notice what is happening in our inner sphere. Where and how have we internalized the shadow and imbalance of our culture – past and present? What are the remedies that are available to us now to return to right relationship with ourselves and our Earth?

What are you healing right now? What is seeking you to make change in your life?

What are the wishes and dreams of your soul?

What are the narratives you are ready to change?


Energy Exchange:

Early Bird Rate (until July 1st): $1,500 

Regular Rate: $1,750

Or Choose:

  • 3 installments of $500 (after $250 non-refundable deposit)
  • Pay monthly: $250 (for 5 months after $300 non-refundable deposit)

To Register: 

Deposit is $250 to save your spot and pay in full or first payment is due before the first full day of class, Saturday, August 26th, 2023


Call or text for more info or to set up a phone/zoom free call: 360-739-3414

Register after the July 31st Info Session @ 6pm CST via zoom: here is the link:

Topic: Soul of the Feminine healing circle INFO SESSION 

Time: Jul 31, 2023 06:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 767 687 6030

Passcode: love

Qigong & Tea - 4 week series

Friday mornings at 9am September 29, October 6, 13, 20th


qigong @ 9-10:15am // $95

tea ceremony  @ 10:30-noon // $175 Qigong + Tea Ceremony


Location: Japanese Botanical Gardens (does not include admission fee).

More info coming soon!

Email: to register! 


Kundalini Dance, Writual & the Dreamwell

This will be a new workshop fusion that I am facilitating this winter. 

based on teachings and practices from kundalini dance, qigong, oracular and somatic writing and shamanic dream practices. 

Location & Time TBD

Women’s Wellness Workshop Series 2023:
Yoni Egg & Wand Pop-up Shop & Mini Workshop

Next Workshops: October 2023

Balance Hormones ~ Strengthen & Relax Pelvic Floor ~ Heal Bladder Issues ~ Deepen Access to Womb Space ~ Transmute Trauma that Holds You Back from Your Highest Health ~ Address & Heal Blocks to Relationship & Intimacy ~ Ignite your Sexuality ~ Support your Moon Rhythms & Reproductive Health

An introductory workshop in sacred feminine healing and sexuality healthcare. 

What you will learn in this mini workshop & pop-up shop:

1) The Benefits of a Yoni Egg Practice

2) What type of yoni egg is best for your body and stage of life

3) History of Jade Egg Practice and how this is being adapted as a much-need contemporary healing modality

4) The basic energetic anatomy of “yoni qigong”

5) Practices and Meditations that will get you started on your personal practice


  •  Learn why, how, and when to engage with these practices + meditations for starting out your practice.
  • Yoni eggs and wands will be for sale, but no purchase necessary!
  • Safe and sacred space where all are welcome! Yoni eggs can also be used outside of the body and held in the hands for healing.
  • All bodies, genders and sexual orientations can benefit, thought this class is geared towards womb-having bodies.

Dreaming the Heart Awake
Healing Retreat

Hawaii, 2024 ~ Exact Dates & Location TBD ~ Stay Tuned

Nature Immersion ~ Kundalini Dance ~ Soul + Somatic Healing Experiences

  • Womb Healing Ceremony
  • Ancestral & Intergenerational Healing Experience
  • Elemental Resiliency through soul communication with the natural world
  • Body-centric practices for soul recovery
  • Inner child & Inner wild to Oracular Creativity
  • Introduction to kundalini dance and working with your energy body
  • Breathwork, qigong, guided meditation
  • Dream work & life purpose

Tea Talks
Gong Fu Style Tea Ceremony
with high vibrational puerh tea

Join me for a monthly community gathering of puerh tea and good conversation. Some months we will end with a short meditation.

Stay up to date with the monthly conversation topic + location, as it will change each month. We will find ourselves in various healing spaces around the Springfield area to sip tea and receive the health benefits of puerh.

Puerh is an aged, fermented tea from the Yunnan Province in China. The best is made from old-growth tea trees in healthy, biodiverse ecosystems.

Puerh tea, which is caffeinated, is known to have mood enhancing and energizing qualities beyond that of simply caffiene. Puerh helps to reduce phlegm in the body, heal the gut micro biome with it’s fermented qualities of pre and pro biotics, and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which support reduction of free radicals, activates focus and uplifts the mood.

Research has shown puerh to have anti-cancer, fat burning and cholesterol + blood pressure lowering effects!


  • JANUARY – Dreaming, Dreams… Bring yours
  • FEBRUARY – Cross-cultural & Ancient wisdom of Love
  • MARCH -Multi-generational refocusing: Caring for the young, the middle and elders
  • APRIL – Quantum science & Shamanism
  • MAY -What if time is art? Purpose vs. $ mentality
  • JUNE -Regenerative agriculture, regenerative culture, and climate change