Mexico Retreat 2023

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Join us for 6 days of healing, adventure, and ceremony on the Yucatån Peninsula.

Healing for the heart of a woman. We dare to venture together into the inner landscapes of soul and into the outer landscapes of water, jungle, culture and temple…

This is a different kind of retreat. This is a travel journey of the soul. Be opened by the numinous love octaves of nature … the crystal turquoise waters, birds and wildlife, jungle, cenotés (springs), barrier coral reef (2nd largest on the planet), and Mayan culture of the Yucatån… truly a unique and powerful healing place on the planet.

  • Are you a woman/womxn/womyn who desires a more feminine approach to life, health, relationships, work, sexuality and self-care?

  • Are you ready to experience a new paradigm of wellbeing, receive what you don’t even know you are missing, and truly touch into the spark of your spirit for real transformation?

Receive guidance, experiences and solace *off the beaten path* of what we deem healthcare or self-care, where you will come to realizations about your personal and spiritual journey.

This retreat is for you if you would like to be surrounded with other like-hearted women, engage in ceremony, learn new energy and embodiment practices, rest your nervous system and heart with a BEAUTIFUL + PRISTINE NATURE & ECOSOUL immersion, wish to have a closer connection to the Goddess, or are longing to have a healing experience combined with intentional travel.

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Are you tired of getting no answers or movement forward in your health goals and ready to embrace a more feminine-centric, embodiment and mystical approach?

Are you desiring reconnection to your power through the ancient ways of Earth & Goddess connection? (Much of our power [and healing] comes through our connection with the Earth).

Are you ready to cultivate your sensitivities & empathic nature as your power to heal, evolve and be who you truly are instead of letting these gifts be a drain or blockage in living your highest life?

Are you becoming available to embody your authentic expression ~ to know what it feels like to be in your core and experience the felt sense of your Essence?

Or perhaps you are…

Desiring emotional healing or to transform patterns of anxiety and depression.

Coming out of a toxic relationship with yourself, your body, or another and desire to set a new foundation of self-love.

Seeking to take your service, career or work to the next level of self-actualizing your dream life + life dream.

On the precipice of or in the middle of major life changes and feel the call for visioning renewed possibilities for your future while gently letting go of the past.

You might also be…

An aspiring or established wellness practitioner, healthcare professional, coach, counselor, nurse, yoga or fitness instructor, cultural creative, entrepreneur, or on a path of deep healing, AND feel the call to embrace your feminine gifts, cultivate your intuition, learn cutting edge soul care & avant-garde healing practices… to undergo the life transformation you know you are capable of!

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The details…

  • 6 day travel journey & retreat experience, accommodation and 2 meals included per day
  • Focused on ecological and soulful immersion into the high vibrational beauty of this land
  • We will make pilgrimage to the sacred ruins of Chi Chen Itza
  • Daily transformational embodiment and spiritual practices including energy meridian stretching, qigong, kundalini dance, taoist + tantric guided meditations and practices, shamanic and ancestral healing.
  • Daily relax and adventure time. Lounge on the dock, take a nap in a hammock, go for a swim, walk the jungle, journey the turquoise waters on a kayak, or receive a massage + energy work session.
  • Overnight trip to beach & snorkeling on the barrier coral reef (Xcalak)
  • Day trip kayaking the Laguna de Siete Colores (Lagoon of 7 Colors)
  • Sunset & sunrise rituals
  • High vibrational meals & truly soul satiating//ecofriendly + cabana style-accommodation at a lagoon-side eco-resort.

Becoming the highest + most authentic version of yourself requires extra-ordinary experiences, evolutionary practices, community and spirit.

We are guided by ancient practices, the spirit of the land and our deep inner soul knowing where you will be immersed in empowering ways to heal and transform your life – ways that you will be able to return to long after the retreat is over.

  • Where mysticism meets everyday wellness

  • A return to the sacredness of the body with somatic, shamanic and tantric practices

  • Taking your life dream and dream life to the next level with a chance to reset your nervous system and mindset and step into your inner visionary

  • Deep diving into radical relaxation, surrender and emotional wellbeing with healing from the Divine Feminine & Goddess re-connection

  • We are calling on transformation through balancing of our inner masculine and inner feminine energies with an emphasis on the Feminine

  • Down time to connect with yourself and soak in the powerful beauty of one of the most healing places on the planet!

  • Receive extra attention and healing with bodywork and energy work in individual spa sessions.

  • Receive community support and connection, sisterhood in the thread of “women supporting women”, to strengthen our heart mind, body and spirit.
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Why this retreat is different…

A (R)Evolutionary women’s wellness and empowerment immersion, sacred initiation, and sisterhood circle for 12 women to dive deep together with Sacred Feminine transmissions, Kundalini practices and nature-soul healing experiences. 

  • Ancestral connection + healing your maternal or feminine lines,your blood or spirit lines in order to support wellness, relationship in your family, life path, + your future generations
  • Energy body activation with initiation into hands on healing, kundalini energy, chakra and meridian systems so that you can heal the root
  • Re-wilding and reconnection with earth magic – igniting deeper relationships that upgrade your vitality, sustain your inner work and support healing for the planet
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  • Daily soul immersion healing and embodiment sessions in circle. Learn new practices for your transformational tools medicine bag!
  • Sunset & Sunrise rituals (not everyday 😉
  • Daily free time most days to lounge on the dock, take a nap in a hammock, go for a swim, walk the jungle, journey the turquoise waters on a kayak, or receive a massage + energy work session.
  • 1 morning kayak adventure
  • 1 day cenoté & chi chen itza *sacred ruin* (all day)
  • 1 day beach and coral reef snorkeling adventure (overnight)
  • 1 evening to Bacalar township for dinner & shopping
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Retreat Venue & Cost is coming soon!

The approximate price range for this retreat is $1600-$1995. Includes all transportation, entry fees to sacred sites, snorkeling and kayaking fees, accommodation and 2 meals per day. (Does not include airfare, lunches, travel insurance, souvenirs.)

If you would like to reserve your spot, you may register here and pay the $295 non- refundable deposit.

You can find my cancellation and refunds policy here.

Values & Impact

  • To be a leader in the rising feminine revolution on the planet that supports a culture of inclusion, our reconnection to the Earth + the inner Wild Nature, sustainable lifeways and to spread the message of honor and respect for all beings.

  • To make space for + elevate the roles of the priestess, healer, mystic, oracle, artist, dreamer, and visionary in our culture. 

  • To teach and guide rising women to reclaim their gifts, rewild their mind and body, make their life into art, have the impact they are capable of and be well compensated for their work.

  • To create an empowered and soul centric sisterhood of women who are deeply engaged on a path of and towards their life dream – to live a life of freedom + connection in alignment with their sacred purpose + service.

  • This space is an inclusive environment and is anchored in an earth-honoring, anti-racist, decolonizing, LGBTQI friendly, class aware and non-dogmatic approach.
  • Our values include NOT being a part of the gentrification and cultural appropriation that is a rampant runaway of colonialism and to instead honor and respect the land and it’s native peoples, while also offering ourselves grace in navigating this delicate territory.
  • Recognizing our privilege and being humble in this opportunity to set foot on sacred land.
  • Choosing an eco-friendly, sustainably built and managed retreat center.

Who is your Inner Creatrix & why is she is so important…

Become the CREATRIX and maker of your life dream + dream life. Go deeper, get clearer, get stronger, step out of survival mode, journey into the places you fear, make your blocks the only way through. Establish your soul needs of connection + freedom in your life to choose how you feel and what you do…

INNER CREATRIX: A soulfully + sensually embodied, womb-centered, “give no f*cks” confident, erotically activated, oracular woman who is Divinely Sourced and deeply committed to being the artist of her life and a sacred activist in the world.