Creatrix Mystery School

Welcome to Creatrix Mystery School – A contemporary healing temple + dream life incubator that supports passionate, empathic, and soulful womxn take their health, confidence, relationships and meaningful work to the next level!

Are you tired of getting no answers or movement forward in your health goals and ready to embrace a more feminine-centric, embodiment and mystical approach?

Are you ready to cultivate your sensitivities & empathic nature as your power to heal, evolve and be who you truly are instead of letting these gifts be a drain or blockage in living your highest life?

Are you becoming available to embody your authentic expression ~ to know what it feels like to be in a place of power, in your core, while owning both the humor and gravity of this one “wild and precious life”?

Or perhaps you are…

Coming out of a toxic relationship with yourself, your body, or another?

Seeking to take your service, career or work to the next level of self-actualizing your dream life?

On the precipice of or in the middle of major life changes and feel the call for community support and to be able to access higher guidance whenever you need it through your own connection to Spirit/Source/Guides/Higher Self.

You might also be…

An aspiring or established wellness practitioner, healthcare professional, coach, counselor, nurse, yoga or fitness instructor, creative, entrepreneur, or on a path of deep healing, AND feel the call to embrace your feminine gifts, cultivate your intuition, learn cutting edge & avant-garde healing practices… to undergo the life transformation you know you are capable of!

woman sitting on gray rock near body of water

Becoming who you truly are requires all of us…

  • Develop & hone your intuitive & psychic gifts in order to gain access to the inner wisdom + higher guidance necessary to take your work + life to the next level
  • Tend your heart & mend the wounds of love & power in order to create the relationships that are the sustaining force + fuel you require to feel overflowing with connection, care, and joy
  • Cultivate the magnetic confidence & courageous voice to trust + act upon your deepest and most vulnerable desires so that you can have the impact you know you are capable of
  • Open to your full erotic embodiment + mastery of your energy body, to heal your relationship with your body, physical & emotional health, sexuality, creative expression, and wealth
  • Build spiritual + emotional resiliency that supports you through all of the challenges + initiations that life throws at you and have the resources to answer life’s small and great callings when they arrive
  • Be of service to the world with your sacred purpose, while at the same time transforming your own life circumstances

Meet Cadie

My sensitivities are my superpowers.

My body is my bliss.

My soul is leading the way.

I’m a transformational healer + women’s empowerment soul guide here to help you transform your sensitivities into your superpowers, awaken to your ecstatic embodiment, shift into radical self-care + soulful leadership that ignites you to create the life of your dreams.

Because the world needs YOUR ALIVENESS + YOUR GIFTS.

I am a lifelong empath turned mystic and support women around the world to embody their 


A soulfully + sensually embodied, womb-centered, “give no f*cks” confident, erotically activated, oracular woman who is Divinely Sourced and deeply committed to being the artist of her life and a sacred activist in the world.

Did you know that your physical, mental and emotional health are directly related to your sense of purpose and life dream?

Are you ready for a REvolutionary approach to women’s health that traverses all of your multi-dimensionality, gifts, intuition & inner mystic, sacred sexuality, ancestral legacy, & life dream?

Through my online mystery school, transformational retreats, and 1:1 mentorship + healing, you are supported on a path of self-mastery through

  • becoming safely embodied with trauma-informed skill building and somatic practices
  • transformational experiences through guided somatic-shamanic meditation, Taoist energy practices, kundalini dance, & re-wilding
  • psychic & intuitive cultivation practices including the 5 higher senses, practical mysticism, safe + naturally induced altered states of consciousness & dreamtime work
  • partnering with the Spirit world & the Goddess through Earth-based mystical tools, teachings, and practices
  • sexual self-healing with the sacred feminine mysteries + solo tantric practice
  • ancestral connection + healing lifeways that create or reform bonds to your blood or spirit lines and support wellness + relationship in your family + life path
  • energy body activation with initiation into hands on healing, kundalini energy, chakra and meridian systems so that you can heal the root
  • re-wilding and reconnection with earth magic – igniting deeper relationships that upgrade your vitality, sustain your inner work and support healing for the planet

Become the CREATRIX and maker of your life dream + dream life. Go deeper, get clearer, get stronger, step out of survival mode, journey into the places you fear, make your blocks the only way through. Establish your soul needs of connection + freedom in your life to choose how you feel and what you do….

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woman in blue skirt holding tarot cards

Soul of the Feminine

Foundations Program

September 2022 – February 2023

One Saturday per month 10am CST – 4pm CST

Embodied Creatrix

9 month program begins September 2023


“Cadie walks with Spirit. 

Every way that I’ve experienced her work–through acupuncture, soul care, movement, and mentorship— has both led to the edges of embodied experience and reminded me to inhabit what’s central to it. Her allyship, sensitivity, breadth of knowledge, cool personality, and hollow-bone humility combine to allow vast, profound healing to come through.”

-Em Waters, Soma Structural Integration Practitioner, LMT, RYT-500

Join the Community

I hold space for womxn on a mission to revolutionize their magic, magnetize their dream life and do the real good and dirty work of soul reclaiming, erotic embodiment and intergenerational healing.

REvolutionary Women’s Wellness FB group

Where we engage in all things transformational, revolutionary + evolutionary when it comes to our health, relationships, sexuality, spirituality, work + career, finances, impact + influence, personal power, intuition, voice and creativity.

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Plus receive tools, tips and practices in feminine leadership, transformational healing & igniting your life dream.