Reviews & Testimonials


“Cadie is a powerful healer. And she’s not just handing out spiritual band-aids. Cadie connects to deeper realms of wisdom, and leads provoking and inspiring conversations that get to the deeper issues. Her healings and clearings are life-shifting, AND she teaches tools and practices that you can actually use in continuing your healing journey. Empowering, supportive, and intuitive, Cadie meets you where you are and helps you level up. “ ~I.B., Soul Alchemy Program 2022 , Student of Healing Circle 2021

“Cadie’s kindness and warmth, coupled with her deep wisdom, honesty and wild courage, create a sacred space for unveiling one’s own true heart. Through the soul alchemy program, I found myself becoming more open, grounded and confident, and less fixated on needing to be right, all of which has led me closer to my true, authentic self and a life uplifted by a sense of freedom. Working with Cadie in the soul alchemy program is a joy-filled journey of self discovery. I am grateful for the opportunity!” ~C.H., Soul Alchemy Program