Dreaming the Heart Awake

A Women’s Transformational Healing Retreat

Tending to the wounds of love and reclaiming YOUR LOVE WISDOM through ancestral healing, embodiment/somatic practices, shamanic ceremony, inner parts work, oracular writing, kundalini dance and breathwork, qigong, dreamwork,rewilding and earth intimacy.

Big Island Hawaii ~ April 4-11, 2024

You are invited to a healing retreat on teh big island of Hawaii for a deep transformation that comes from your connection to yourself, the land spirit and community!

it is said that we are all members of the “scar clan” and I believe that no one escapes the wounds and pains of relational love. We are relational beings and for most of us our strongest and deepest growth crucible is birthed through our intimate and close relationships.

this retreat is for those who are ready to tend to our hearts, bodies and spirits, unearth your radiance and glow that has sometimes become buried underneath years of closed doors, broken hearts, loss, disappointment, reality checks, perceived failures, and of course, trauma.

the closed heart or wounded heart can show up in a myriad of ways from lack of joy or fulfillment in life, feeling like you have lost connection to your self or core, repeated toxic relationship patterns, lack mindset, unhealthy behavioral indulgences that you just can’t quit, low self-esteem, body image issues or a pervasive lack of confidence, a wish to be more creative with your energy but unable to move into that new constellation, feelings of loneliness, not belonging or hopelessness,