Bellingham Summer 2022 Workshop

Soul of the Feminine

Women’s Wellness Workshop

Kundalini Dance + Yoni Egg & Wand Pop-up Shop

Facilitated by: Cadie Selah, LAc, MSOM

For womxn of all ages interested in awakening sacred sexuality and learning ancient + cutting edge practices to support, women’s health, fertility and hormone balance

Saturday August 13th, 2022 // 9:45am-1pm PST

9:45-10:45am: Yoni Egg & Wand Pop-up Shop + Class

11-1pm: Kundalini Dance Session

Location: Heartsong Transformative Arts Center, Bellingham, WA

Cost: $55 – Some sliding scale available, just email or message me!

NOTE: This is a women’s workshop and open to all who identify as womxn as well as non-binary folks who are called to this Sacred Feminine work. Nestled within the matrix of these teachings and practices of the Rising Feminine is the balance and healthy embodiment of both feminine and masculine within each of us. Yoni crystals are meant for female reproductive and sexual organs, however the crystals themselves, like all crystals, can be used externally for healing of any body.

Yoni Eggs & Wand Class:

What are yoni eggs and wands and why you want them!

Pop-up store to see, feel and purchase yoni crystals if you desire

Discussion & learning: everything you need to know to get started on your yoni egg journey!

WHY USE YONI CRYSTALS: Using all natural minerals to tap into your sensual/sexual self is great for a number of reasons
  1. Increases sensual, feminine energy and passion.
  2. Awakens creative energy to channel into life.
  3. Heals physical and emotional trauma in the womb.
  4. Builds yoni strength and pelvic floor (PC) muscle control.
  5. Reduces PMS and menstrual cramps.
  6. Develops a better understanding of female anatomy.
  7. Improves overall health; boost immunity, improve sleep, enhance concentration and reduce stress.
  8. Cultivates feelings of self-worth & connection.
  9. Regulate hormones & balance estrogen levels.
  10. To explore the Yoniverse!

5 Elements & Qigong:

The 5 Element & somatic energy activation practice!

Feel you Shakti! Breathe vitality & harmony into your whole body!

Emotional + Organ Balancing with shaking, tapping and visualization!

Kundalini Dance:

A wonderful practice to support soulful connection to self and community. This healing modality is a powerful way to deepen spiritual connection through embodied movement & a ritual space!

A synergy of ceremony, dance, authentic movement, breathwork, sacred intention, sounding, shaking, visualization, and energy healing as tools for transformation, purification and activation!

Learn how to feel your qi/Shakti and work with your energy body for healing. Plus acquire the skills to easily & gracefully clear emotional and energetic stagnation!


  • Check out this article about Kundalini Dance:
  • Check out the Yoni Crystals Website:
  • Message me on Whatsapp for any questions:

Meet your guide:

Temple of Ixel, Isla Mujeres, Mexico 2022

Cadie Selah, LAc, MSOM

I am a Licensed Acupuncturist & Soul Guide and specialize in Women’s Holistic Health, Sacred Feminine Energy Practices, & Shamanic Healing. I offer 1:1 healing & mentorship sessions as well as lead workshops and retreats fusing Tao Tantric arts, Kundalini dance, Yoni & Womb healing, Somatic-Shamanic practices and Soul Work (ancestral healing, archetype resourcing, inner child and re-parenting work, intuitive development, connecting with spiritual guidance, self-awareness, becoming safely embodied, rewilding and nature communication) for women on a transformational path of radiant health, orgasmic creativity, self-discovery and empowerment.

As an empath and HSP, I have navigated the territory of trauma, attachment, social anxiety, as well as deep wounding in the realm of boundaries, relationship, intimacy and sexuality. Through my wounded healer journey, ancient medicine training, mentors and inner guidance, I was shown my gifts as healer and seer. Through this process I transformed from overwhelmed empath with a very dysregulated nervous system to a hollow bone priestess with deep cellular sensitivity. I have gathered many medicine ways and tools to support others on their journey of intuitive development, soul work, erotic intelligence and elemental resiliency. 

I was introduced to the yoniverse of yoni eggs in Bali at my Kundalini Dance Facilitator Training in 2019. This was the same time that I was anchoring a relationship with sacred sexuality, embodied shamanic movement for healing, and solo tantric arts for women. My quartz crystal yoni egg and rose quartz wand practice has played a key role in my feminine essence soul work, strengthening my vaginal and pelvic floor muscles for orgasmic living and to unwind tension and trauma both in my womb and yoni and also in my whole body.

I have opened and unlocked blissful, peaceful and powerful ways of being through the yoni egg and wand practices and find this to be a non-negotiable on the path to wholeness for contemporary women. 

I support women through 1:1 Soul Alchemy sessions and have created Soul of the Feminine group programs (live and online) and international retreats and weave all of my offerings through Creatrix Mystery School, which I founded in 2020.