Acupuncture & Fibroids

Let’s talk about uterine fibroids.

More than 1 in 10 women are diagnosed with uterine fibroids in the US every year. 

Heavy bleeding during menses might be the only symptom, however other signs and symptoms can be abdominal and menstrual pain, constipation, fullness or bloating in the lower abdomen, back pain, and urination issues. 

The larger the fibroids, the more physical symptoms you will have. Smaller fibroids may not give you any physical symptoms at all.

Established western medical solutions include ”watch and wait”, surgery, pharmaceuticals to inhibit bleeding, NSAIDs for the pain, synthetic birth control or a progestin-releasing IUD implantation.

Through experts in the field of Chinese Medicine and other holistic modalities, it has been determined that if your fibroids are smaller (less than 6.5mm), an eastern, holistic, and herbal approach can be highly successful.

In Chinese medicine, fibroids are a result of qi and blood stagnation, spleen deficiency, phlegm accumulation or a combination of these. In essence, the lower abdomen is congested. 

—->The eye of the womb cannot see. 

Acupuncture & Chinese medicine, herbal therapy, nutrition, abdominal massage, and self-care practices can:

  • support the circulation of energy and blood to your womb and pelvic bowl, 
  • while simultaneously treating stress and emotional imbalance related to the fibroids, 
  • as well as cleansing and detoxifying liver and lymph, 
  • and strengthening the “weak link” in your physiology – usually with fibroids it’s your Spleen plus 1 to 2 other organs depending on your unique constitution.

(Phew no wonder this medicine has been around for thousands of years 😉

Additionally, you are supported with the underlying emotional and mental patterns and trauma that have contributed to the forming of fibroids through “soul care” energy healing and shamanic medicine for this deeper level of work. 

—->Our wombs and reproductive organs are highly sensitive and absorptive tissues where we can store old traumas, imprints, memories and emotions.

Through @ home energy meditations, self-massage and diet/exercise plans, we fine tune your self-care so that you are making contact with authentic and empowered self-healing.

Healing fibroids or other “fibroid-like” conditions of the womb and reproductive organs can take time. Together we co-create a treatment plan of 6- or 12-months. 

Schedule a free 15 minute consultation to see if Acupuncture & Chinese medicine is right for you, get your questions answered and see what a typical treatment plan looks like. 

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