Clock Genes, Metabolic Rhythms, & Seasonal Attunement

*NOTE: This blog was written in alignment with the Spring Season, but it has relevance for all the seasons!

Ever heard of “clock genes”? These are circadian rhythm genes that oscillate cellular behavior in accordance with the time of day or night. They are light sensitive. 

Clock genes serve as the basis of an intracellular timekeeping system, present throughout the body, which generates approximately 24-hour rhythms in physiology and behavior.

When we align ourselves to the rhythms of day and night and to the “light” rhythms of the seasons, this creates “metabolic homeostasis”.

So, why do you want metabolic homeostasis?

Metabolic process affect every cellular function in the body, all of our organs systems, especially playing a role in digestion and energy.

Living beings need continuous input of energy for their existence, and therefore, life as we know it is based on metabolic processes that extract energy from the environment and make it available to support life. 

Our metabolic function directly and indirectly determines health outcomes! And so, this genetic research and contemporary understanding of lifestyle alignment with light and day/night rhythms is in COMPLETE ACCORDANCE with the SEASONAL ATTUNEMENT wisdom from the Chinese Medicine lineage.

Not only when we… 

  • wake up with the sun, take in the sunrise
  • and make sure we go outside in the morning,
  • Get some light of the midday sun, even when cloudy (literally as light therapy)
  • watch the sunset (the colors of the sunset acutally has shown to lower cortisol), 
  • Sleep in the night time (in the dark) (very dark/with no ambient light coming in)… 

But also when we honor the energy of the seasons with our action (spring/summer) or non-action (fall/winter), I say, that we are also directly engaging our “clock genes” and our metabolic homeostasis.

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In Chinese medicine, spring is associated with the WOOD element… which is connected to the 

  • Liver & Gallbladder, 
  • new beginnings & the rising sun, 
  • movement/growth/flexibility, 
  • Clarity, discernment, & VISION
  • Sexuality & Libido,
  • The color green

The wood element rules the eyes and the spirit of the liver, called the hun, is responsible for our dreaming and visionary gifts – day dreams, night dreams and life dreams.

Wood/Spring Practices:

Watch the sunrise and intentionally take the light into your eyes and feed all of your cells with it! The sunrise is the energy connected to spring time.

“Take long walks with your hair down.” This is a direct recommendation from the Chinese Medical classics! Walking supports gentle free flow of qi in the body. Spring energy wants there to be no obstruction in energy flow. And when there is, when we hit a block in our own energy, it results in frustration, irritability and anger.

The energy of wood & spring has the ability to erect boundaries and to tear them down! Reflect on your life to see if your anger is resulting from boundary issues – whether in real time or from the past.

So if you are having irritability or anger “come up” or are feeling stagnant, stuck or unmotivated, try the above practices daily and if it doesn’t resolve – go see your acupuncturist or make an virtual energy healing appointment with me!

I also correlate the 3rd EYE CHAKRA with this time of year —>

With an open + balanced 3rd Eye you feel::

  • ClearTrusting of your gut & intuition
  • An ability to see the unseen
  • Able to read energy and patterns
  • Your imagination is easily accessed
  • You make decisions easily
  • A strong sense of inner knowing
  • You can vision your future and plan it

Women/womxn are especially sensitive to cycles and rhythms and this is obvious due to our alignment with the moon rhythms and our menstrual cycle. 

When we consciously attune to the solar, lunar, seasonal and astrological rhythms we become more in alignment with nature and cosmos and naturally attune to our highest health!

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