Recipe: Blood & Qi Elixir

Blood & Qi Elixir

Featuring Beet Powder, Dang Gui, & Guarana Seed

I just created this new herbal elixir out of my desire to have a yummy tasting warm beverage while also “building my blood”.

From an Eastern perspective, BEETS help to 

Nourish to the blood

Calm the spirit

Strengthen the heart

Detox the liver

Moisten the intestines

And from the West, BEETS are great for

The immune system

Their Anti-oxidant properties

Balancing blood sugar 

Improving metabolism

Dang gui is Angelica Root* and is the “woman’s ginseng” and is used in most women’s health formulas connected to the womb, menses and reproduction. This root builds and moves the blood supporting especially women who might be “blood deficient” or anemic as well as aiding in stagnation.

Guarana Seed is an Amazonian plant renowned for it qi boosting – i.e. it’s got lots of caffeine, but in my experience, is a more gradual energy booster, does not create negative buzz nor the ups and downs like coffee can. 

It acts like qi tonic adaptogen, by increasing mental alertness, fighting fatigue, increasing physical stamina and endurance. It is thought to be a libido booster if your issue is connected to low energy/qi. 


½ teaspoon beet powder

½ teaspoon dang gui powder*

½ teaspoon guarana seed powder*

1 TBSP ceremonial cacao or cacao powder

1 TSP raw honey

½-1 cup oat milk or non-fairly milk alternative

½-1 cup boiling water (fill with hot water based on your potency preference)


1 dash cinnamon

1 dash cardamom

1 dash dried powdered ginger


Warm the milk on the stove and boil the water

Add all ingredients together in a 1 quart canning jar and shake gently, making sure to untighten the lid then retighten every few shakes.

OR use an immersion blender or bullet to blend the ingredients well.

Add boiling water to desired potency and to re-heat elixir.

*If you are pregnant or breast feeding or have other health conditions, please consult your healthcare provider.


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