What is REvolutionary Wellness?

What is REvolutionary Wellness?

  • Why it’s important and how to align with the cycles of Earth and cosmos
  • How to create sacred space for recovering Inner Resources & Clearing Trauma
  • Remembering together our ancestral wisdom teachings and ancient technology
  • Radical self-leadership in a time of chaos, violence, and destruction
  • Healing inner conflict to address external conflict
  • Ancestral and intergenerational healing as a form of environmental, social and cultural justice
  • Sustainable Healthcare in a time of global climate change
  • Self-care practices that empower, resource and allow for true resilience 
  • That our physical health is reliant on the state of our energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Learning how to take care of yourself on all these levels is a revolutionary act.

Though this orientation, we can take radical steps away from:

  1. Our reliance on the western medical system that does not give us the care, tools or understandings for true holistic healing that transcends the principle of “fixing”. The western medical system is not good or bad, but simply born out of a paradigm that is inherently unsustainable and void of soul.
  2. Cultural norms and unsustainable ways of being that are destroying our ecosystems and fueling violence, trauma and disease worldwide.  

Through this orientation, we can take radical steps towards:

  1. A more balanced approach to wellness through integrating the Feminine aspects of healing including ground up grassroots self-care processes and practices as well as mystical, embodiment-, heart- and soul-centric developmental and experiential modalities. 
  2. Closing the gap between humans and the natural world and a capacity to re-develop the empathetic and healthy bonding with Nature/ Earth Mother- Earth Wisdom.

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