7 habits to build your INTUITIVE PROWESS

7 habits to build your INTUITIVE PROWESS

Intuitive prowess is a state of being marked by skill, stamina and the courage to tap into and act from the subtle information that is available at any time through your higher senses. It contributes greatly to a balanced + holistic intelligence that becomes an exquisite navigation tool through life. 

A strong + trusted intuition is the pair par excellence to the rational + practical intellect. A foot in both worlds catalyzes galvanizing potency in all realms of your life. Intuitive prowess is the umami ingredient to whatever you choose to cook up in your one wild and precious human adventure!

First of all, why do you want to strengthen your intuition?

  • As an integral and natural part of the feminine essence, it is a way to come back into your power and love as a woman (or the feminine aspect of your soul, no matter which gender you identify as.)

  • It makes you better able to rely on your inner truth when making decisions. 

  • You have more information to work with, which makes navigating life so much easier.

  • It supports you to reconcile inner conflict, access inner ecstasy and uncover inner wealth – all things that translate outward into your world.

  • It’s a boon to all your relationships because it deepens your capacity for intimacy and closeness (with self, other and the world)!

  • You open your channel to creativity, inspiration, insights, wisdom, bliss and your inner genius. This allows you to become epic in whichever realm of work you engage in.

  • You begin to enjoy your body and all it’s sensations to a greater degree. You become allied with “challenges” as messengers instead of something bad to try to get rid of or “deal with.”

  • You become more aligned with your soul – your heart’s desires and your life’s purpose. Because intuitive prowess is not just what you receive but is a state of being that anchors you in knowing what is true and right for you.

  • Because it gives the ole middle finger to patriarchal control and fear mongering domination #femininerising

Here are simple yet galvanizing habits to skyrocket your intuitive sensibilities:

1:: Practice daily. The mystical dimensions of our world are woven into our existence, we just have to tap into this richness consciously and with intention. Choose to focus on a particular higher sense like your visionary or clairvoyant abilities. When you are in conversation or in meditation, simply begin to notice what you see visually in your mind’s eye.  

2:: Articulate & accentuate a relationship with YOU. This streamlines more of your energy to deepening the richness of all your relationships. More intimate relationships require intuitive genius. Knowing ourselves and having intimacy with ourselves is how we cultivate our sensitivities. THE SELF IS FROM WHERE ALL YOUR OUTER RELATIONSHIPS TAKE SHAPE.

3:: Ecstatically Relax. And I’m not talking about wine and Netflix. Deep relaxation is an art and practice; ecstatic relaxation is a heightened awareness, focus, + feeling type of relaxation (not passive). When our nervous system is not in “stressed” mode, fight or flight, or numbing, we have much better access to our awareness, presence, receptivity and hence our intuitive faculties. Try breathwork or orgasmic yoga or bodywork to remind your nervous system how to relax ecstatically.

4:: Balance your receptive nature with your dynamic nature. Are you going-going-doing-doing all the time? It is when we are receptive and still that we can truly listen to the guidance and subtle messages that are coming through. Carve out time each day to be still and quiet and alone. Do nothing! Follow up by acting upon the insights or allowing yourself to be propelled by the energy cultivated during stillness. Attune to the night and day cycle, the lunar and solar rhythms to embody the balance of feminine and masculine within.

5:: Court high quality sleep. Get enough sleep. Honor your sleep time. Dream dream dream. The more you work to have dreams and remember your dreams, the more you are bringing your dream-like consciousness and hence intuitive consciousness closer to your awareness. Daydreaming, night dreaming and life dreaming are all key portals to your prowess. 

6:: Get in touch with your body. Spend more time inhabiting and being with your body. Allowing your mind to touch all parts of your body. This is how we build cellular sensitivity and grow our subtle sensory pathways internally. Somatic based meditation, vipassana meditation and/or qigong are all great ways to increase your somatic intuition. 

7:: Slow down. Address impatience and instant gratification. Get away from the screen and go for more walks in nature. Eat slow. Have slow sex. Drive slow. Slow down your mind and quicken your heart. Talk slow, listen slow, move slow. Take pauses in between activities in your day. Feel overwhelmed? Pause, and then go slower. In fast mode we miss the subtleties and nuances. 

When we cultivate our intuition, we begin to trust ourselves. 

As we find ourselves going inward for answers instead of eating what they feed us, we resurrect both our sovereignty and our connection.  

This power is a non-negotiable for women pursuing an empowered life.

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Cadie Selah (Federmeyer) is a women’s empowerment soul guide, healer and facilitator. She holds a Master’s degree in Chinese Medicine and is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified Shamanic Practitioner and Kundalini Dance Facilitator.

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