1:1 Soul Alchemy

3-month Transformational Program


For womxn who are ready to:

Are you tired of getting no answers or movement forward in your health goals and ready to embrace a more feminine-centric, embodiment and mystical approach?

Are you desiring reconnection to your power through the ancient ways of Earth & Goddess connection? (Much of our power [and healing] comes through our connection with the Earth).

Are you ready to cultivate your sensitivities & empathic nature as your power to heal, evolve and be who you truly are instead of letting these gifts be a drain or blockage in living your highest life?

Are you becoming available to embody your authentic expression ~ to know what it feels like to be in your core and experience the felt sense of your Essence?

Or perhaps you are…

Desiring emotional healing or to transform patterns of anxiety and depression.

Coming out of a toxic relationship with yourself, your body, or another and desire to set a new foundation of self-love.

Seeking to take your service, career or work to the next level of self-actualizing your dream life + life dream.

On the precipice of or in the middle of major life changes and feel the call for visioning renewed possibilities for your future while gently letting go of the past.

You might also be…

An aspiring or established wellness practitioner, healthcare professional, coach, counselor, nurse, yoga or fitness instructor, cultural creative, entrepreneur, or on a path of deep healing, AND feel the call to embrace your feminine gifts, cultivate your intuition, learn cutting edge soul care & avant-garde healing practices… to undergo the life transformation you know you are capable of!

Who this program is for:

What do I receive in the 1:1 Soul Alchemy Program?

Program Fee & Energy Exchange

I have decided to create a program where you receive a high amount of my energy. I am committed deeply to your transformation, growth and opening and have curated an immersion program for you who are ready to commit and being seen in your awakening & healing.

The program fee is $2250 —> or 3 monthly auto-pay installments of $750.

You can also choose a 6 month format with sessions about every other week with 6 monthly auto-pay installments of $375.

((I only take on 3 clients each season))

How to Apply

  1. Fill out the application below

  1. I will contact you to set up a phone call or zoom chat – get your questions or concerns answered.

  1. After our phone call, we will both have a good idea if this the right fit at the right time, and we can proceed with scheduling!

Dearest Beloved,

Have you been having spiritual or psycho-emotional awakenings in the last few months? in the last year or two? 

Have you realized that you are ready to hone your abilities as a creative channel, intuitive, artist, leader, activist, or healer but you don’t really know what that means or how to do it?

Or perhaps you deeply desire to achieve your full potential and connect your health and wellbeing to self-actualization.

I was 23 when I began opening. To my healing and soul journey. Spiritual openings I could’nt shrug off.  I was lucky, I found the beautiful women who guided me. I was found. And I found my teachers, healers and programs that supported me to discover. Who I was/who I am.

It is a rare blessing to be supported on the journey. And now 15 years later, I’m here to offer up the synergy that I’ve curated in my cauldron to those who feel ready to step through the door. 

We open to our gifts and talents, our soul mission and our most creative life by doing our deep soul work.  

And I’m here to tell you that we face our pain, grief and shadows, but equally as much we are required to tap into our ecstasy, joy and power-love. 

I’ve curated a unique and powerful container that offers a safe, accessible and refined well of knowledge, tools, practices and collaboration (with me, your allies, and the Mystery) that supports you NOW to catalyze your path, but also IN THE YEARS TO COME because you learn how to cultivate the foundations of Self – self-knowledge, self-healing, connection to Source + Earth – the core aspects to any healing journey. 

❤️ Xoxo C

About your Guide

I am an activist for radically awake, erotically engaged, spiritually embodied, and soulfully led humans! 

+Holistic Women’s Health & Feminine Embodiment Coach

+Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist

+Shamanic practitioner & Clairvoyant Energy Healer

+Kundalini Dance Instructor

+Transformational Retreat Facilitator

+Soul Guide, Ceremonialist, Rewilding Enthusiast & Earth Steward

+Poet, artist, activist 

Human consciousness is too complex to not have a model of healthcare that honors our multi-dimensionality.

I believe our deep inner healing work is a potent form of awakening and activism that brings about cultural, social and environmental justice. By healing ourselves — our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits — we heal the Earth and have a positive impact in the world – it heals our ancestral lines as well as future generations. I hope you will join me.

I am a weaver. My passion for and immersion into animist- shamanic traditions and ways of healing, my acute and chronic love for East Asian Medicine and the Elements, and my longing to embody the ancient alchemy of tantra and temple arts, have become the three pillars of my personal and spiritual evolution. Everything that I offer is from my direct experience and healing journey in the medicine ways that have been passed down to me. 

My heart is wild and belongs to Her, Gaia, and my heart beats for the old ceremonial ways. It is so, that I carry them and they carry me. Through me, to you. I invite you to touch the old ways with me, to let them touch you, to make you and us new again, future medicines for the people and the Earth.