Soulwork Alchemy for Women

 I facilitate massive transformation for womxn empaths (part black sheep, part winged creatura) ready to alchemize their most obnoxiously clinging and outdated patterns (in health, love, money, creativity) into their firebird passions and life dream, risen from the ashes.

(A willingness to become ash marks the student of alchemical transformation.) 


This is a multi-dimensional, trauma-informed and ritually therapeutic container and part of the global movement towards sustainable healthcare, empowered soul-care + self-therapy for the restoration of our relational inhabitance.

Welcome to the temple, woman.

I work with women and non-binary empaths, HSP’s, neuro-somato-divergent-artist types, cultural creatives, healers/practitioners, entrepreneurs/healthpreneurs, self-awareness weirdos, unconventional -lifestyle- seekers and the black sheep type who also have a knack for leaning into occulty-wu-shamanic-magical things. 

(The wu wu lost its glory when it lost the warrior courage it takes to truly enter the depths of soul. We are remembering how to NOT bypass.)


Dear beauty,

It seems…..You could be ready to define – for yourself – your yes’s and no’s, who you choose to spend time with,  and your authentic way + why in the world. Is this true?Are you ready to REFINE your connection between your physical body + symptoms AND the wellbeing of your heart – your ability to truly feel what needs to be felt? Are you poised -at this moment- to embody and directly experience your mystical… to come home to your sacred territory of soul?

I want to tell you what this is, and is not. This is not a status quo coaching program. Not a “health, life or spiritual or coaching program” at all, this is a non-ordinary container reminiscent of the mystery schools of antiquity. It’s all you’ve been looking for, you just didnt know it. These are old ways. This is ancient and contemporary, bridging what fucking needs to be bridged right now. You in? 

You are here because you are a black sheep, an empath-HSP, a cultural creative, healer, artist, a soulfuly- oriented business woman, neurodivergent/ADHD-but -leaving -diagnosis -behind, personal-growth aficionado, and/or intuitive baddass ON A MISSION to catalyze alchemical-style growth in one or more areas of your life.

You know there is more. You know there is a power rooted in ancient love. You crave to create a life that is soul-satiating – with all of its goodness and all of its pain – you willing to eat it all because you know deep down, your soul desires the whole spectrum of experience.  Your willingness to embrace the unknown and welcome the ashes as much as the firebird rising is the calling card of women ready for soulwork alchemy.

 You seek embodiment (that regulated, sensual, confident felt-sense of yourself), spiritual (psychic, intuitive, energetic, shamanic) intimacy, health (the healer within is alive and well), AND a life that might make people turn their heads (both weirdly awkward and awe-inspiring). True transformation is not a popularity contest, a competition or in any way superficial. This will take you into your material (ashes) as well as support you to allow your firebird to…


But before the rising, is always the descent.  

In this portal, we explore somatic approaches combined with mind mapping with your inner parts, and developing intimacy with Self, Spirit and Earth. You learn ancient tools of transformation and contemporary practices for thriving, while simultaneously redirecting your will + energy to what is most congruent and authentic for you.

Who is this program for?

  • Women ready for I’m-not-fucking-around-anymore-soul-level healing & a deeper engagement with all your SELF —-> the strange, the unusual, the unworthy, wounded, and the radiant, cosmic, confidence, peaceful parts
  • Those poised to unplug from “survival mentality” and unwind your trauma body patterns
  • Women taking a stand to shapeshift the exhaustion, negativity, drama, anxiety and overwhelm running the show into resiliency, connection and creativity
  • Ready to stop spinning your wheels or feeling stuck in the old paradigms or patterns that are blocking you from making the changes most important to you
  • Women who desire mystical and intuitive practices that are a natural outpouring of feminine embodiment
  • Available for a mentorship relationship where you are setting up a lifelong foundation for a heart and soul-centric way of life
  • Women committed to livelihood that is directly connected to life dream
  • Ready to clear your vision around your relationship patterns and mend the wounds of the heart
  • Women desiring support with their physical health from a root-level, spiritual, energetic and wholistic perspective.

If you feel coherent with + right timing for committing to this program, you will be supported and empowered to:

  • Re-contextualize your “pathologies” and “underfunctioning” in our culture to go beyond trauma and mental health diagnoses to a model based on wholeness  and inner resourcing.  This work supports you to uncover your authentic identity based on your gifts, the power of diversity (Neuro, gender, body, racial and ability), the guidance of your ancestors, and the moving away from the shame-based oppression of feminine values* and intelligence. 

(*One way I describe feminine values and intelligence include: of the body and body wisdom, relationship>task,  intuition, visionary and creative and oracular states, erotic intelligence, and animist relationship with Nature/Earth. )

In my late 20’s, when I discovered that I was an empath and highly sensitive person (HSP), it completely changed my relationship with myself to one of deeper compassion and empowerment. When i discovered my senstivities translated to being a medium or channel, that’s when my whole world changed to a deeper knowing of  who I am and what I came here to do as a healer and visionary. This discovery and deepening of who I am and my path took place over several years of awakening and spiritual connection as a student of Chinese medicine, qigong, herbalism, acupuncture, the elements, shamanic healing, psychic and intuitive development, parts work, cross-cultural indigenous wisdom, traditional rites of passage/vision fasting, western mysticism, somatic practices, writing and dance. 

  • Address & resolve insecure attachment patterns and relational wounds that have been impacting the quality and satisfaction you have in your relationships, intimacy, creative and work life.

I now understand truama and PTSD as relational wounds, because life does not happen in a vacuum, only in relationship with others (human and non-human).  Healing at the root is as much about reparenting, inner resourcing and self-discovery as it is about the truama itself. . If you are an empath or HSP, there is a good chance you are also very senstive to subtle and psychic energies and the spirit reality. The path to embodying our who and why is always joined with the path of healing our past, penetrating our wounds and “coping protectors” to get underneath to your superpowers and purpose.

  • Embody what has not been possible in the past – both individually and culturally: Thriving, from a healthy ego place, anchored in your eco- centric mythopoetic identity, wiht the knowing that as we thrive, so does our family, community, culture, and all our relations. 
  • Learn a diversity of tools + self-therapeutic transformational skills within the realm of the:
    • psyche (parts work and archetypes), 
    • spirit (i.d., shamanic and indigenous lifeways, ancestral connection), 
    • and body (somatics, embodiment) 
  • to tend to the multi-dimensionality of our humanness 

  • Engage in self-discovery and expansion from a wholistic, feminine-led, body-mind and soul approach that supports you to resource from within to heal: 
    •  attachment wounds 
    • PTSD + intergenerational trauma
    • anxiety/ depression
    •  physical symptoms or illness
    •  The womb (physically, energetically and metaphorically) + hormonal imbalances 
  • Get intimate with and re-write the blocks, beliefs, point of view and patterns that cover up your vital energy, authentic gifts, compassionate service and connection you truly seek. 

What is included in the Soulwork Alchemy for Women Program?

  • 6  months with 2 sessions per month of 1:1 75 min sessions
  • A PDF booklet with handouts, practices and reading for our sessions.
  • 3 audio recordings of guided meditations and practices + teachings as needed for your journey.
  • 6 video recordings of practices + teachings 
  • Email correspondence on your journey as questions or concerns arise. 


Meet your Guide ~ Cadie Selah, LAc, MSOM

I believe our deep inner healing work is a potent form of awakening and activism that brings about cultural, social and environmental justice. By healing ourselves – our hearts, minds, bodies and spirit – we heal the Earth and have a positive impact in the world. We mend our ancestral lines as well as future generations. I hope you will join me. 

I am a world traveler and currently inhabiting stolen Osage, Otoe-Missouria, and Iowan Native land in the soft, rolling Ozark Mountains of Missouri. In 2024, I will be making Hawaii my home, and leaning into a more nomadic lifestyle.

The soulwork crucible I offer is trauma-informed, ritually-guided, IFS-primed, ancstrally led (thank you Tanya Taylor Rubenstein for this phrase), masculine-feminine obsessed, earth intimate (thank you Char SUNDUST for this phrase), multidimensional, erotically engaged and wholeness-rooted.


A little CV action…

  • Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine from National University of Natural medicine (2009-2013)
  • University of Washington – Master’s Program in International Forestry (incomplete 206-2007)
  • University of Florida – Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (2001-2005)
  • Sundust Oracle Institute – Certified Shamanic Practitioner (2008-2011, current)
  • Tantric Rose Mystery School – Kundalini Dance Facilitator (2019)
  • Somatics & Trauma informed trainings with Acupuncturists without Borders and Tara Approach
  • Flower Essence Practitioner Training with Sara Crow (2016)
  • Women’s health & OBGYN Chinese Medicine trainings and continuing education
  • Somatic Writing with the Ancestors with Tanya Rubenstein (2023)
  • Embodied Boundaries with Damien Bohler
  • Mentorship & Leadership Program – Sundust Oracle Institute (2015, 2023-2024)

Payment for Program